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Virtual PC Repair From the Comfort of Home
Say Goodbye to PC Worries!

With todays complex hardware, software and peripherals, it's more difficult than ever for the common computer user to know how to solve complicated PC problems. That is why out TotalTech services are so valuable.

TotalTech is your dedicated provider of computer, networking and technology support that's available wherever you are! Our trained U.S. bases technicians are on-call 24/7 and offer affordable one-time services and annual subscriptions for Windows and Mac to serve you better.

Results are Guaranteed

If there is not complete satisfaction with our work, customers can call us within 48 hours and we will do our best to fix the problem or we will issue a full refund!

24/7 Support from the comfort of home

Total Tech Services
Free Initial Consulation!
TotalTech technicians will perform an upfront diagnostic to help determine the problem and recommend the right repair solution.
Total TuneUp
Professionally administered PC diagnostic scan and performance tune-up. This service deletes unnecessay files on customers hard drive, recommends and removes unneeded programs, adjusts PC settings, performs hard drive defrag and other general cleaning. A customer reports is e-mailed to the custom upon completion.
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Virus + Spyware Removal
Scan and Identify computer threats, followed by the professional removal of malicious code via a secure remote connection. Before the session is ended, our trained technicians will perform necessary anti-virus and Windows updates, in addition to providing the customer helpful tips on avoiding infection in the future.
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Complete Care
Combines our Total TuneUp service with our Virus + Spyware Removal giving the customer over $25.00 in savings!
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Advanced Repair
Quality advice and remote support to diagnose and repair any computer problem outside the scope of our Total TuneUp and Virus + Spyware Removal.
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OS Training + Customization
Provides a personal, in-depth walk through of the new operating system as well as customization of settings and features so your customers new computer can serve them better! For Microsoft Vista and Mac OS X.
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Total Membership
Your customers get full access to all of our TotalTech services and benefits for an entire year, all for one low price! Compliment this service with SecureIT, our powerful virus protection software and Online Backup service and your customers have total peace of mind!
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